Superintendent/Principal's Message

May Update
Dear Big Lagoon Families,
As we draw closer to the end of the school year and more of our students return to in-person learning, I would like to let everyone know that our school is still committed to implementing the campus safety measures recommended by the local and state health departments. 
The latest public health information indicates that the highly contagious B.1.1.7 variant is likely to be circulating broadly in the county. Because not everyone in our community has been vaccinated yet, or may not be eligible for the vaccine, we will continue with our established practices for student and staff safety.  
All people on campus wear masks at all times and in all places and masks will be provided if a student forgets theirs 

Student desks are situated at least 3 feet apart in the classrooms 

Student seating in the cafeteria is marked at 6 foot intervals and lunch is supervised

Hands are washed at regular intervals throughout the day, including before and after recess 

There are tape markers in the hallways to help students maintain physical distancing while waiting in line for the classroom, bus, etc. 

Recess and lunch periods are staggered and are supervised so that students are supported in wearing masks and maintaining physical distance while still having fun

Bus seating is assigned and students are spread out. Masks are required on the bus

It is expected that parents screen their children for fever or other COVID symptoms before sending them to school. Students who become ill at school will be sent home and the family is asked to contact their doctor to determine if the child needs COVID testing 

Campus is still closed to visitors, volunteers etc

Families are asked to provide a negative COVID test for their children after travel 
This has been an extremely long and arduous school year for all of us. I want to take a minute to commend all of our staff who have worked so hard to adapt to the pandemic restrictions as well as to what felt like constantly changing guidance from state and local authorities.  Big Lagoon is incredibly fortunate to have such a team supporting our students. 
Thanks to you as well, families, for your patience, flexibility and kindness as we have navigated through this challenging and often frustrating time. We are in the home stretch. Let’s finish strong. 
The mission of Big Lagoon School is to educate, empower, and prepare students in an environmentally connected and culturally responsive learning community.