Outdoor Resilience Building Experiences - Week 2!

Thanks to the Alexander T. Salvos & Timothy A. Salvos Fund for Youth, a fund of the Humboldt Area Foundation, Big Lagoon School is able to pilot the Outdoor Resilience Bulding Experiences this spring. The project aims to leverage our expertise in outdoor recreation and our access to amazingly beautiful local places, and use these as positive experiences for building resilience.
Last week was our launch week which began with  a vigorous hike in Patricks Point State Park. After the morning activity, participants returned to Big Lagoon School where the team introduced the concept of resilience and positive self-talk. 
Week Two brings students to The Club on Central for fitness training, and then on to the Trinidad Pier. The resilience concept for this week is identifying and using proactive responses to situations.
We are having a great time while building strong kids! Stay tuned for more!